I am a media designer for Print and digital media. My areas enclose the use of Adobe photoshop, all kind of picture treatment, Joomla content management system, InDesign CS6, computer language HTML as well as Mac and its programmes. I am creative in the areas Screendesign, typography, layout and in the graphic treatments with e.g. Adobe photo shop etc. The usual PC standard packages (like Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are routine to me. I have programmed Internet sites, created advertising banners, posters, as well as flyers for customers.

On my Internet site "little starlight galaxy.eu“ you´ll find planet drawings. These are produced exclusively with photoshop. I´m drawing the spaceships with pencil then I´m always beginning with a black background in my Computer.  After that I´m processing a circle  to a ball and I´m using many structural filters to make a planetform. I´m also using a lot of lighting effects in this area. I´m designing with pleasure on the paper, directly with photoshop or also with watercolour and computers at the same time.